The appearance of snowdrops

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

For the last fortnight I've been penduluming between berating myself for forgetting to head along to see the snowdrops, vowing to do it asap and completely forgetting again. Finally I made it! Not a moment too soon, I can see plenty on the wane already. It only seems a second ago I was complaining of the bleak wintry days and just in the last couple of weeks what started as a trickle of flowers blooming has transformed into a magnificent flow. The snowdrops have to be considered the 'first' of the year I suppose, even though we see other familiar faces in tandem. The swathes of white droplets catch your eye in the volumes they are often found in. Also, I suspect more people can recognise a snowdrop by name and sight.
 The drops start off as a pearly oval then gradually open...
 ...and look like an umbrella been popped up.

 Verges taken over all down country lanes.

 A work of art if you examine their underside.

It feels like change is rife.
Take care,

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