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Monday, February 25, 2019

The little birds which grace our garden each spring are looking cheerful and full of life once again. Their song breaths life into the country air and watching them on the bird feeders pecking away gives us an idea of who wants to hang out round our patch. For the last few years we've put up birdboxes but over the winter C got busy with scrap wood, made more and snuck them up into nearby trees. We want to do our bit to offer homes to the cute little passerines who are seeking shelter and somewhere to nest for spring.
There's little more exciting than spying a little bird checking out a box. Pecking all over it, pecking the doorway and if you're really lucky popping in before sticking their head out to take in the view. It makes me feel very optimistic of possible families over the weeks to some.
It's surprising that some birds prefer a tiny front door, others a larger one and some even like an open front. I think sparrows are even partial to a terraced property.
What really gets me confused is how some boxes remain empty over spring and summer. Surely birds can't be that fussy?
I want to see little birds flying back and forth from the boxes with moss and bits of bedding; getting ready for their little brood of eggs. It's heartwarming to see them go about their duties in earnest.

In past years we've had blue tits and great tits in the boxes. In the garden I also discovered a robin's nest, blackbird's and a chaffinch a while back. They took up residence in bushes.

This year we're hoping to attract a diverse lot of birds with plenty of homes and nesting possibilities, water and good array of food on offer too.

PS I don't mind being woken up by the dawn chorus. Usually it doesn't wake me but if it does, it only seems to make me smile and drift back off again.

Are you hoping for feathered friends this spring?

Take care,

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