A moderated fuss

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

These pictures were snapped in the early morning mist of Saturday when the day appeared dull at the outset yet proved itself faithful to the forecast with blue skies and sunshine once all that low-flung was burned off. Blimey, it took a while but was of course worth it. Knowing what to wear proved a puzzle as a nippy start soaring to 15 degrees Celsius was quite a span to cover. After a bit of finding these thinner tights looked more suitable. Usually it's thermal tights or bare legs but I knew there must be some middle ground hosiery floating  somewhere in my stash.
Faithful knitted skirt and the first blouse I wore it with, still a favoured look. A vest top under and a warm jacket over - warm enough but with scope to stay cooler once the sun same into (or out?) play.

I love the ribbon neck tie on this blouse and the way it is frilly and fussy yet subtle. A moderated fuss.

These boots are a go-to for town or the pub. The chunky heel and padded sole make for comfortable walking yet offer more height and femininity than a biker boot. I know we're supposed to be at war with plastic but leather uppers are at risk of puddles while plastic remains unaffected. These will be particularly difficult to replace when they wear out but hopefully they'll last a good lot longer yet.
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