Clutching at straws

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

At long last it feel like we might be turning a corner, springward. I can feel the hours of light lengthening now and the gentle warmth of sunshine when the wind drops. The snowdrops carpeting churchyards and just a little feeling in the air. Something detectable, but inexplicable. An energy.

I've been clutching at straws to pull me through the interminable winter weeks. Mud, winds, snow, drizzle, cold, darkness. Bleak greys and browns. Thank goodness change is coming. Not a minute too soon. Stir crazy indoors with nothing significant to do outside. No point mostly.

Pictures from an evening walk as the last of the sunlight lit up the landscape. The light was incredible and made for dramatic effect, especially against the black clouds to the East.

Crab apples looking rather unwell.

Following the deluge of rain the ford filled up and spilled across the road.
Take care,

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