Skies of pink

Monday, February 18, 2019

Let's get the week off with some beautiful pinky skies from a walk I took not lot ago. The day had been one of those with persistent rain only punctuated my reprieves of drizzle. The winds had thankfully subsided but the prolonged precipitation made for a day of indoor activities. I finally cleaned and polished my favourite walking boots that I had been meaning to tend for....months. A couple of years ago I sadly had to let go of my Magnums as attempting to dry them too close to a fire had lead to the heel shrinking wildly which made them unwearable. I already had a 'second' pair that didn't have a comfortable fit so I decided to invest in a new pair and make a fresh start. The last time I rummaged around for my boots at the last minute must have been less than thorough should we say as I realised after putting my boots on the side for a clean that there was the left of one pair and the right of another. Must do better at being organised.

Take care,

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