A skirt for all seasons

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

This is a skirt for all seasons. Lined, midi length. Can be dressed up or down. I've featured in loads of times over the years. The monochrome spots make it an ideal candidate for pairing with most colours, it's very forgiving. I'm trying to get creative with layering to wear smaller jumpers over winter. This cropped cream one  normally only gets worn in the summer as a little warming cover up. I think, if my memory serves me correctly, it was won in a blog giveaway. Back in the olden days we used to hold a giveaway of fun prizes when milestones were reached to say thank you! Ah, they were nice! I won quite a few.

I was reminded last week about how I used to suffer terribly with chillblains on my hands as a teenager. They were away over winter, itchy, swollen and sore. My finger joints and knuckles would lose the ability to move properly and my hands became like red gnarly claws, it was nasty. I have been so careful since reaching adulthood and thankfully I haven't had a problem for years. Though can still find my fingers swelling up with heat - which is a real worry with my wedding rings. Wearing gloves whenever possible outdoors has likely been the biggest factor but for about 4 years using really good hand cream has kept my skin in great condition. I don't want to go back again.

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