Winter landscape

Monday, February 04, 2019

When the temperature for the day starts at subzero then the hazy sunshine does little to warm things up much beyond melting the ice in only the most exposed spots it makes me want to stay close to home. Walking from the door is more limited than it ought to be but setting aside a couple of hours we walked down the lanes one Sunday afternoon. Frost pockets lingered on.

We wrapped up well. I gave my insulated trousers an outing. They're toasty but sorely lack sex appeal. On a bleak winter's day I'd rather wrap up and look a right state than freeze in attempt to look presentable.

It's lovely to have quiet lanes but when there's nowhere to hop off the road when cars do come along it's a real pain. Drivers don't take nearly enough care round our way, it's a wonder there aren't more incidents.
Saw a few birds. Above a heron. I like the way heron is so similar to herring.
Below, a perched buzzard? It's usually soaring and circling in the sky when we spot them. Buzzards are huge birds really and seem to be semi-permanently harassed by crows.

Seeds in the sunshine.
I spotted this cluster of mini fungi in the hedge. Cute, aren't they?

Catkins everywhere.

Hedges eager for spring. It's easy to think that nothing grows over winter. That's strictly not true as think of all the growing of buds trees do and the snowdrops, daffodils and aconites do over this cold time.
Take care,

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