Only the reeds

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Going back a few weeks I wrote about how we wanted to venture out further afield to find new walks to add to our limited collection. The Norfolk Trails page on the county council website has been a decent resource with lots to look at. We tried a 3.4 miler which was cited as 60% off road and mentioned no cattle. Although it was indeed true, the walk was a far cry from the lovely rural escape I had in mind. It is by no means easy to put together any walks off road in Norfolk and although whoever came up with this one did a good job, I confess there wasn't much about it I enjoyed.
The reeds. Actually I did very much enjoy these but that was about the sum total of it.
 The tracks were incredibly muddy and frozen. It was either solid lumpy ice or slick mud. Not ideal walking conditions, even in good boots. The tracks would have been welcome usually, anywhere off road is sanctuary but the thing that soured it was the fly tipping in a few places and on some occasions I strongly suspected it was people who lived in adjacent houses just chucking bits over the fence to be rid of them. Awful.
I didn't slip over, thank goodness.

 Even though we headed out, way over the fields, it was worth mentioning that the sound of dogs (multiple) was audible at almost all times. It carried. The kind of place where people keep dogs in yards, just barking. I felt creeped out to be honest. Not welcome.

We wont be returning. It's worth trying a walk but this one didn't do it for me at all.
Take care,

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