Pots of joy

Thursday, February 21, 2019

There's nothing more cheerful than flowers to greet you when you get home or open the door in the morning. I've filled pots for the front step and the back patio for years now and change them twice a year. It's a way of adding that little bit of joy to each day which is, let's face it, pretty essential in this day and age.
What's been growing lately? Back in October-ish time I filled four pots up in a bulb lasagne format (not edible!). I tried to keep each pot's colour scheme relatively consistent. One pot has creams, one yellows. The other two are more of a 'using up things I've forgotten about' mixes.
A good layer of compost and grit, then tulips are the first to go in. They like to be nice and deep and can be packed in as long as they're not touching the sides of the pot or each other. More compost. Then daffodils. More compost then smaller things. Like iris or crocus. More compost. I popped little violas in as a topper which have been steadily flowering since then but I'd hardly call them prolific.
The crocuses have made an appearance now and some daffodil greenery. The idea with the post is that they continue to provide interest over winter and into spring.
Once the tulips have finished in late spring the posts will be tipped out and bulbs dried off. Best not to cut off the growth, wait til it falls off so all the energy has returned to the bulb for next year. Can be planted in the garden or stored for next years' posts. (This is just what I do but I'm not an expert).

For summer pots I grow things from seed in the greenhouse in spring.
I like french marigolds in oranges and yellows, lobellia (crystal palace is my favourite) and then a central plant of interest. I have used dahlias in the past, zinnias too. Anything you want really but you don't want it growing too big and falling over or swamping it's compatriots. I used dwarf cosmos in a couple of pots last summer but found they didn't compare well enough to the bounty of blooms the marigolds produced too. The scent of marigolds is one I relish but it's not for everyone. You won't want to be met with a stink of something you don't like all summer so bear that in mind.

There's something wonderful about deadheading on the doorstep.

Do you like pots of joy about the place?

Take care,

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