Gripped by the frost

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The morning of hard frost and thick mist was a memorable one. I worked from home and took the opportunity to snap some pictures when it was light enough. It felt atmospheric. I took care to examine how completely frozen every last leaf had become.

I believe it got down to -5 Celsius. It barely warmed up all day.

Webs became weighed down with frost.

Looks like a spiddy made a start but had to call time on this project.

The ordinary suddenly becomes mysterious and intriguing in the frost and mist.

The frost was so hard that it looked like the plants had been scattered with granulated whit sugar, such chunks of ice...

Somebody missed a hydrangea flower in the trim, it looks pretty edged in ice.
Even our withering herbs look interesting.

The world takes on a natural monochrome filter as the frost mutes the colours. This bold green conifer became another grey.

Viburnum flowers looking icy.
I tried not to walk on the grass as my footsteps could surely damage those solid shoots in one crunch.
That turned out to be a longer than expected post!
Take care (and stay warm)

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