Finishing up clothes

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

I've got a wardrobe, occasionally a floordrobe and then there's the pile of half worn clothes I don't know what to do with. My grandparents used to have these funny clothes prop things which they would hang up their clothes on, like a hanger for shirts/tops with an arm for trousers and presumably something for skirts. My parents had a chair on which they drape worn clothes.
Since I've moved out I've just folded piled items on the floor next to the bed which I admit is untidy at best but here's the main problem, I don't intend to put the same ones on the next day which means the pile does tend to grow and grow.
I ought to get a chair but a chair is for sitting in which would then annoy me if clothes are cluttering it up. There is no way I'm putting part worn clothes back in the wardrobe because at a later date I'm going to be really miffed if I take something out and it's not actually fresh.
Often they can spend weeks on the floor. I need to make a better habit of what to do with clothes.

This outfit was compiled of part worn clothes instead of wearing something I chose specifically. I wouldn't particularly choose this jumper and skirt together but wanted to 'use up' some items.
With jumpers they can take a few outings, often the same with a skirt but tops usually only get one outing before a wash so they're not a problem.
So my question is what does everyone else do? Surely you don't wash an entire outfit after a day's wear, or maybe you don't mind putting them back in the wardrobe, a pile on the floor, a full chair, a funny prop or maybe you wear them again the next day. I'm all at sea.

Advice please!

Take care,

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