Wednesday, March 11, 2020

At times, in the sunny spots when the wind had dropped the warmth was intense. There's something about your bones being warmed that brings out the positivity in every situation, especially after a miserable old winter. We're not out of the woods yet but the signs are everywhere now, no mistaking it. The daffodils of course are a give away but the undergrowth has really taken hold now with new shoots reclaiming the empty floor. 
I wasn't having to layer up all that much, just the three, though thermal tights, gloves and a scarf but considering, it wasn't much. I'm reluctant to wear thinner tights than these as they snag so easily and with my clumsy country path wandering it's a recipe for spoiled tights. I do have to be fairly careful with these thick thermal ones but when risking a low denier you really can't be too careful. Back in primary school I remember every hole in my tights having to be sewn up. I bet kids don't have that now. Each time I'd come home with a fresh hole in my wooly black pair and a grazed knee beneath I'd get an exasperated "Sophie!!" but really, it was always going to happen again.

I bought this coral turtle neck but of all my tops this one is the least pleasing to wear. The material is neither all that soft, nor light or snuggly. It was the colour that drew me to it.
Do you have memories of forever damaging clothes as a child? Or was I just that kid

Take care,

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