Deer tale

Thursday, March 05, 2020

There's a place we walk that allows the freedom of a good hour wandering away from civilization. A field in the middle of nowhere has stood vacant for the year in which we've seen it, although a new stock fence has been recently erected so presumably there are plans afoot for grazing. It was C who, at great distance, spotted a couple of groups of deer who had helped themselves to the lush new grass shoots. At last, I had the zoom lens on! Not that it was all that much help due to the billowing gale, absence of light and my now streaming eyes.
I tried to effect my sturdiest post into the wind and hold my zoom lens but it was quite the struggle.

The two groups were looking across to us and across to each other, weighing up options.
It was all a bit much for one, who decided to just have a little lay down pending any firm decision. (Good plan).
I like the little stumpy horns on some of them, like giraffe nodules.

Most of the larger group took a vote and legged it behind a thicket. They didn't appear out the other side so I suppose their plan involved just hiding.

Lovely to see this many deer out within range.

Take care,

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