Blue sky seeker

Friday, March 06, 2020

When the sun shines I want to get outside!

Those cute buds on the willow are popping out now.

The newly flailed hedgerows will miss out on all the blossom this spring and they are so bare that they'll have no appeal for nesting birds. It looks worrying.

I'm sure I saw a few martins/swifts/swallows a couple of weeks ago yet I assumed they only arrived in time for summer?
Stacks of fungi and carpets of dog's mercury.

Elder leaves appearing.
Buds here and there.
Trees in flower! Spot the fleeting curiosities.

The fresh, zesty new leaves of hawthorn give the hedgerows a slight green hue.

Of course, the usual suspects are getting ready to launch a full scale offence.

Get out when the sun shines!

Take care,

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