Tooth and claw

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Ok, I admit it, I've taken up home in turtlenecks this winter. There's something cosy and comforting about material lapping up onto my neck. I can never understand when you see people with a half exposed collar on a cold day; it'll freeze you strait to the bone. Anyway, I'm sure winters used to be colder, either that or I'm getting warmer as this winter I feel like often I'm too warm with a vest top, turtleneck and a jumper with a jacket.
This quirky gold and burgundy houndstooth pinafore dress was another number reclaimed from storage. Although I like it and fortunately it continues to easily fit, I don't have much it goes with. Looking at this shots I would opt for a black top underneath but as yet don't have one suitable. Most of my tops are colourful and most shirts are patterned. A long sleeved black top probably would make a useful addition to my wardrobe and something I'll be looking out for over the coming months. 
Also fingerless gloves are the way forward on all but the coldest of days.

Will March be the first month of bare legs? Some sunny spells have felt lovely, if shortlived.
Wrap up for now.
Take care,

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