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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Change is happening fast in hedgerows and verges out in the countryside. On Sunday, armed with my camera we took a trip out to somewhere we both thought of that morning, somewhere deserted and potentially good sighting spot for hares. Naturally, by the time I was ready to go the hares would have long since packed up shop but nevertheless, the spring optimism and sunshine filled me with a little hope.
On our lovely walk away from civilisation I took so many pictures I'll have to break it down into sections. This one is dedicated to new shoots and flowers. Flowers are always by far the easiest way of identifying plants. The leaves alone can be far trickier so many of these will just be guesses. First up speedwell. Then some kind of prickly thistle.

 Crinkly leaves on this one, nice texture for interest...
Below, plenty of something shooting amongst the ivy.

 Lesser celandine! I know this one.

 Again, I'm just enjoying the above foliage.
Below, red dead nettles. Apparently you can candy the flowers.

Above, I really should remember what this beast is! The fascinating colouring of the leaves sets it apart and I'm sure it's some kind of large thistle.
Dandelions are about to carpet the ground! This little bee was feasting on this very early flower.
Looks like garlic mustard leaves below.

 White dead nettles.
And last of all some jolly violets.

Keep your eyes peeled for what's new on the ground near you!

Take care,

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