Spring ready

Monday, March 23, 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to another week of posts. I can't promise not to mention 'the situation' because it's virtually taken over every aspect of what we used to know as 'normal' life but I'll do my best to bring you diversions and a little lightness. I cannot fathom whether I heard this phrase, or have paraphrased or (maybe) I made it up myself but
we shouldn't make light of the situation, but instead make light in  it.
There's a wealth of treasure to be found in nature at the moment, with spring just about ready to explode. Yes, I'm taking care to only visit the middle of nowhere to avoid all other people. These pictures are dating back a week already but rest assured, there will be more posts to come this week.

Trees in flower!

The first wood anemones!
Fluffy pussy willows!

Glimmers of sunlight!
Daisies! I love them.

Violets, always very low down. You have to get in close to see them.
Still primroses in flower.
Take super care of yourself,

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