Meet Jack

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We've been keen to see if any of our bird boxes have attracted any lovebirds this spring. There's some good news! One of the boxes has a pair of great tits and another has a pair of sparrows, while we've had the pleasure of watching a blackbird testing out a bush for suitability by jumping around on branches to test the flex. Hopefully we'll be able to identify any chosen sites, our blackbirds are super tame round here and are always after the worms when I'm gardening. No robins get a look in even though they use our feeders, it's only the blackbirds that hop around close by, trying to get first dibs on any grubs.

We've imaginatively named the sparrows Jack and Mrs Jack. At present we think they may be on eggs as after an inital few sightings they have become elusive, only seeing one of them now-and-again. It's so cute to see a little face appear at the door!

Terrible quality pictures I'm afraid but you wouldn't believe how they somehow know when you are likely to have a camera ready, the stakeout was protracted. Once the chicks are needing food I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Jack and Mrs Jack.

All good news welcome please.

Take care,

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