Monday, March 09, 2020

I want to say that I'm a writer, that I write a countryside blog where I share my photographs and musings but that doesn't feel strictly true any more. Yes, I share a fair lot of images but reading back through posts it looks like my commentary has been consistently more scant over the years. It's sad really, that I feel the desire to write and yet when given the opportunity to elaborate on pictures most of the time nothing springs to mind.
And yet there's plenty swimming around in my head most of the time. I must confess to sometimes thinking that I've probably shared thoughts numerous times before when in reality it may have cropped up once, or even not at all.

For me, writing is by far my most accessible outlet for sharing thoughts. I would far prefer to tap away on my keyboard with my monologue than sit down face to face and have a back and forth discussion. I don't imagine I'd feel inclined to share half the points vocally than I would cover in writing. There's something fluent about writing I enjoy rather than the broken up manner of conversation.

I went on to write another whole stream of thoughts but they sounded too self indulgent to publish so I'll end on this. I want to write more. I want to sit down and just let my thoughts flow to my heart's content without making apology for either the nature of content or whether I circle round the same old mainstays every week. I need to do this.

Take care,

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