We have frogspawn!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

A few weeks ago after regular scrutiny Chris announced one morning that we had been blessed with frogspawn in our pond. I was elated!

Our pond, which went in last Easter, has played host to a number of frogs over the year and I was pleading that they would choose our pond to be the home of their young in the spring. To be honest I've been fretting that we wouldn't find any frogspawn at all. It's obviously selfish because if the habitat isn't right for the wildlife it's not going to end happily ever after anyway.

The fussing over the spawn is daily and since the above shot was taken about a minute after I was made aware of the new arrival. Since then the tiny black dots have grown, some have tails. It's very exciting.

Did I mention we have a second pond? NO?! Oh well I can hand on heart say I had virtually nothing to do with it but will be haunting it's banks and bringing you more on that as and when news breaks.

Like Kezzie, I hope to blog every day for the time being, especially as each day is essentially the same as any other. The weekend for me is the time we are 'out' and only come home for food or to drop off stuff, so this will be challenging... And alarmingly I'm running out of garden jobs to tend. 
We've finally had a couple of requests from our older friends for items from the supermarket so wish us luck in picking up supplies.

Take care,

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  1. Lovely to see the frogspawn. Please post pictures of the tadpoles when they come. Thank you for running errands for older/housebound people. I hadn't expected to come into that category just yet, don't feel elderly... But I really appreciate those who are mobile and helping. Bless you for your caring, generous nature xx

  2. I'm glad the frogs graced you with their presence :) I'm not a fan of frogs so I'm glad they're with you and not me! I encountered the BIGGEST toad last year, it gave me such a fright!
    I hope you survive the weekend, and manage the supermarket dash unscathed.
    Stay safe

  3. Well done on helping others. Since I have been unsure about my symptoms, I've not been anywhere to help anyone out yet but I intend to try and help once my fortnight is up. I've got some loo roll I'd like to take to the food bank.
    I am TRES excited about the frogspawn! Doooooo keep sharing progress pictures of them!


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