Bean and gone

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Running late but feeling great today! YouTube played up for me the other day when I wanted to play my morning workout so I made sure to be sharper today to avoid having to yell why are you STILL buffering and varying expletives. Fear not, not a pause in sight. Much happier Sophie.
As a consequence nothing about my post was readied but there we go.

This morning I answered the repeated calls to start using up the many, many broad beans in the freezer. I love broad beans and can't understand how more weren't used fresh, but whatever, they were safely stored in the freezer. Note, I wasn't allowed to grow any more on the allotment this year due to our unused glut so once they're all gone it'll be a long old wait for a 2021 crop...

As I type, there are two trays in the oven with shelled broad beans which have been tossed in oil. The trial batch were flavoured with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder and were more successful than I anticipated. The two full trays are: smoked paprika, salt & pepper and the other is herbs de provence with salt & pepper. I hope they come out crispy and yum.

Apparently you can also make a hummus type dip (sounds nice) and I reckon a risotto would be lovely too. I'll have to get another bag out for those.

While we wait to see how any of those turn out, here's some pictures...
 Fresh buttercup blooms!

 A yellow flag iris already, most welcome.
 A frond of silverweed. The clue is in the name.

Have you noticed how much emptier the skies look? Planes are rare, rather than permanently cutting up the sky.
Waters run clearer than ever before.

Garlic mustard wallpapering steep verges.

 Bluebells out, how delightful.
 I was convinced the above was a new find but I have to conclude it's just an early stage alexanders.
 Forget-me-not clouds and swathes of white dead nettles.
Take care,

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