A funny little collection from August

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

 A few little pictures from August that didn't fit into any post in particular. The nights are shortening dramatically already. A few evening wanders have been beautiful, such dramatic skies and curious light. 

One of the most exciting evenings of my life happened when the Perseid Meteor Shower was at it's peak. We walked out into the open land after 10pm an watched as stars flew across the sky. I even popped my glasses on to ensure that maximum clarity was achieved and the sky came to life. Such a breathtaking sight to watch stars shoot across the sky. It was very peaceful.

 The wheat and barley has all been harvested now, I can't recall another field to go. It's sad to see so many grubby looking fields now (and to smell the stinky manure being spread here there and everywhere).

The kestrel has been hunting as our airborne companion over the allotments and this is probably the best shot I have taken. It's sadly not more than a hint of kestrel but the beautiful birds don't care for posing for me, I'd rather admire their skillful flight from afar.
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