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Thursday, September 14, 2017

On Sunday we visiting Framlingham Castle (you can take a look at that post from earlier in the week if you missed it) and here are a few photographs from our walk around the mere. Apparently the size was about 3 times bigger back in old times and it served as a larder to the castle, with plenty of fish and fowl. Clever. The paths around the mere were mostly fine but a couple got a little sticky so I was thankful I wore proper boots. New ankle boots actually, these have pointier toes than I usually go for. They were a New Look buy a couple of months ago, they often have the kind of thing I'm looking for. Above, I hope it's greater burdock and a beeeeeeee.

We saw a few plants I was unfamiliar with. Above this delicate little flower. I'm going with hedgerow crane's-bill, the flowers weren't conclusive but the leaves look right.
Below, these almost cone-like nutty, seeds. No idea.
These curious fruit. At first I wondered if they were giant hips but up close C said they could be an unusual shape apple. I'm none the wiser.

 Horse chestnut trees are always early to lose their leaves, I'm not ready for it just yet.

 Red clover above and below I think it's water mint.

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  1. I wish we'd wandered around the mere when we were there, but the little people we were with wanted to go home for ice cream :) (And I am rather partial to the odd ice cream, so I didn't object!).
    I like New Look for shoes too, the range seems to get bigger every year, I already have several on my 'want' list.
    I love red clover, our lawn was covered in it in the summer, the bees loved it. The water mint is very pretty, I'm guessing that likes to be near water? Can't help you on the apples I'm afraid...


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