En camoflage

Monday, September 04, 2017

Is camouflage a french word? I digress. It's irrelevant, other than it sounds more french than english. This dress has a peculiar quality of looking a little like camouflage from a distance yet a bold pattern of black, white and orange up close. The thick piping to neckline, arms and hem gives a plain shape a sudden structure, a shift which I often save for best. Christmas, weddings, meals out. I've never worn it out for the blog before - that's just the way. My smart occasionwear never gets to be photographed! Two of my favourite dresses have never appeared on here which is a little sad.
 On the day in question I knew that something was needed which ticked all the boxes of cool, comfortable and not too short (bending over to snap wildflowers in a minidress wreaks havoc with appropriety).

 Look at this beautiful purple heather

 I wonder, sometimes.

Take care,

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