All peachy

Thursday, September 07, 2017

All peachy. Well maybe more orange, but let's pretend, just for the purpose of light entertainment. They all roll around in the same fruit bowl.
I found a wonderful bay of great willowherb (hopefully) which has reached that beautiful stage of going to seed where it looks like fluffy white snowflakes have settled on the topmost canopy. Maybe it's a mess, but a fantasy in a light breeze with the feathery fronds setting off to find new homes further afield.

This white prairie hemmed dress has been one I wanted to wear all summer but the right time never seemed to present itself. Similarly the orange jumper is such a bold, summery colour but hasn't looked right when trying it on over shorts or skirts. Finally, the right combination. Always boots. These are a favourite posh pair but can only come out if I know the ground will be clean and dry underfoot.

My hair has taken a battering from the sunshine this season, look at that ombre! Oops.

Long live sensible length midi skirts.
Take care,

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