Autumn plans and wishes

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It feels like we've turned a corner with the weather; this morning it's blowing a gale and it makes me want to snuggle back under the duvet for the next six months. However, being human and not squirrel it's not standard behaviour so instead I shall make plans of what to do to occupy myself with all fun things 'til new year. First things first, looking back to my summer plans there was plenty achieved; hundreds of flowers adorned vases in the house, the allotment harvest has been ongoing and more efficiently than ever. Jams made, meals have been eaten outdoors many times. We went to Latitude, I sowed biennial seeds for next year, though I still have sweet peas to go. Amid all the activity I still made opportunities to read, finishing quite a few books. The only thing we didn't achieve was to get to the beach. One of my most-loathed days is one spent in a traffic jam to get to the coast, struggling to park then being stuck in a crowd on the beach before having a slow crawl home. So no beach. Sad!

What would be nice this season? Well, I've already made 2 batches of rosehip syrup as it seemed the right time to pick the hips. They're a little runnier than I had in mind but it's not a problem. I've already had a look for fungi to photograph but it's an ongoing activity.

  • Pick blackberries - I missed out last year and it was a bit annoying. 
  • Plan homemade presents and execute. 
  • Organise the 'craft room' which has been completely abandoned since last Christmas. It's a mess and needs organising. 
  • Have a good wardrobe clear out. Give away clothes that will never fit.
  • Have a good sort out in the house to clear away clutter and streamline life

There isn't all that much to my plan to for this Autumn, to be frank I'm feeling rather downbeat about it after the highs of spring and summer. Maybe I'll add a few more things over the coming weeks as I limber up a bit.
Take care,

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