Throwing it back

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A throwback to August, better late than never. This dress from Henry Holland was a charity shop find last year and one that really made me smile. In Hazel's latest post whilst talking about charity shopping mentioned how it gives a greater sense of satisfaction finding something you like. I completely agree. There is something about browsing rails of total miscellany, sifting through the chaff which makes the gems shine all the brighter. I'm getting better about buying these days; more consideration is given to whether I have anything to wear it with or any cause to pop it on at all. Party dresses are all well and good but if you're a party-avoider like me they really must be considered superfluous.

A summer dress like this is always going to be practical in the warmer seasons and will be worth keeping for that day. Staples like good quality shirts and cosy jumpers are things I remain on the lookout for permanently. I have a lot of winter skirts and a few pairs of shorts.

Shopping on the high street emotes more guilt from me than anything else; over the price, quality, source. Supporting fast fashion firsthand seems much naughtier than recycling someone else's unwanted surplus.

 I was playing around with some cob nuts and it appears I can't try catching without looking ridiculous. Two left hands, never been any good at catching! 
I naively thought that a weight gain would mean just going up a size but it really doesn't. Having been a scrawny child, then a slim adult up until a year or so ago I didn't grasp the complexity of how bodies can change; mine had only ever been gradual. It's more of a shape re-calibration than anything else. Two sizes up for the waist to one on the hips and bust, not so easy to shop for. Skinny jeans certainly don't feel comfortable or practical and it is often a choice to wear a skirt on the hips or high up on the waist, otherwise emphasizing the ever inversing hourglass. Skater dresses, that fit and flare kind are out. Likely for good.

But all is not lost. I've had a really good few weeks of exercise and sleep so for the moment things are on the right track.

Take care,

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