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Friday, September 08, 2017

There is life beyond the internet. All life is beyond the internet. Offline, is where it's at! It just so happens that the web is fantastic way to connect with people, share ideas, buy into new ones and find inspiration. Thank goodness for that too... What would I do with all the hundreds of pictures I take each year if not? Maybe I'd be one of those tiresome people who print off reams and reams of them and dutifully present them to friends and family to talk them through each and every one.
If you've ever sat through a thousand photographs of someone's holiday, it definitely puts you off ever asking about their travel plans again. However, reading through a blog post is far superior; dipping in and out of all the interesting bits and coming back to reference in future.
I don't think my photographs would serve much purpose in weighty albums. Stacked up in lofty columns, gathering dust. Waiting for someone to flick through it, being talked through frame by frame. There wouldn't be much to tell. It's a web, the sun was shining and I thought it looked pretty. 
Thoughts and images are immortalised here, on a few pages. It brings sense, order and chronology to life. So maybe it is just a few cobwebs in gorse but I rather like these shots and my main thought for today was that far from living online, I'm getting stuck in to all the best that nature has to offer and filter it down to five posts a week to share with you. 
Life. Go live it.

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