Breathing space

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

As a child, I always considered August to be the peak of summer, the height of soaring temperatures and the long days of light. It's September the sixth and when I woke up this morning the room was rather dark and the sun was coming up. Last night it looked pitch black before half past eight. My jumper and trousers are morning essentials. Many days don't merit short sleeves at all now. Windows down a crack in the car, air conditioning back off. Good thing I didn't restock on ice lollies.
The catalogues for spring bulbs have arrived. Christmas stock is arriving in shops.
It feels a bit like a month of breathing space is required between the bustle of summer and the point at which we have to admit defeat and crack on with the worst half of the year. I need a good sunny spell to cheer me up a little. The weekend has a wet forecast so far so maybe it will be more of an indoor one.
Do you get a bit anxious at this time of year?

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