Jumper season

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Way ahead of previous years my wardrobe switch over has been completed for the new season. It was a genuine attempt to get rid of clothes which either have fallen out of favour, fallen to bits or fallen foul of my weight gain. Either way, no matter how pretty a skirt is if it won't ever fit it's just a waste of space. Which leads me on to mentioning how many winter skirts I own..... too many possibly. And virtually none for summer. But a summer dress is much easier to wear than a winter dress. Jumpers seem to be a permanent wardrobe fixture all year round, it's never quite hot enough to guarantee you wont need one. You can never own quite enough jumpers. Well, I can never own quite enough jumpers. There must be around 10 in my wardrobe yet sometimes none are right. Too tight, too baggy, too bobbly, wrong neckline, too cropped. It's hard to find the perfect one and of course once you do find that little gem which always feels right it them gets worn oft, washed oft and becomes one of the 'too shabby and out of shape now' rejects. Much as I love the idea of a beautiful wool jumper that lasts me 20 years, it's never going to happen; I'm too clumsy (spills, snags), too harsh with my laundering (shrinking, stretching) and too stingy to contemplate shelling out £90+ for something I know I'll trash. Some of my best lasting jumpers are Primark, which may come as a surprise. The quality is all over the show with their clothes and I'm the first to admit I don't expect much from their attire. Charity shops are my main source for buying jumpers.

Things to avoid in terms of jumpers include glitter, sequins, studs, any applique or stuck on bits. This one and another I own both have a glitter strand in the knit but they have been forgiven for that, it hasn't yet impinged on their longevity. Other types of jumper I frown upon include ones with a low cut neckline, itchy fluff, 3/4 length sleeves, lazer cut outs or too looser-a knit, leather patches, backless (yes, that does sound pointless) and ties/wraps. The problem with suffering from the cold is that you have to wrap yourself up snugly to keep warm from around September to May and therefore any poorly covered areas will let the cold seep in. I'd love to style around in a beautiful feature jumper but the reality is that I'd be covered in goosepimples and have bluing extremeties.
In other news, these are new jeans and boots. River Island jeggings which have an untidy raw hem (why????) but at least have a good stretch and colour to them. Boots are New Look. I love my Joules bag so much, it looks good with almost everything I own. Holding my Lighthouse jacket which has been perfect for summer showers. PS They have their new season collection now in and I'll show you my favourites soon.
Tell me what are your jumper pet hates!
Take care,

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