Style burglar

Monday, September 25, 2017

If a blog were a comic book then this would be an ideal outfit in which to comically undertake petty crime. Why do illustrated burglars wear stripes? It's a puzzle. Surely either all black or a camouflage print would be much more appropriate.
When you read style blogs it is quite hard not to pinch little ideas or whole ideas from other people. Since getting somewhat disillusioned with fast fashion and the way it really doesn't cater for my personal style, outdoor lifestyle and generally POCKET I steer clear of the 'latest looks' but it is great to read posts from friends of what they've worn. I'm sure some of their good influence has rubbed off on me but I'd hate to think I'd subconsciously nicked a whole concept.It must happen though as virtually no 'idea' is a new thought, only recycled existing content in your mind.
What's this, a new tunic dress? Yes. I found this a week ago and liked the easy fit and half length sleeves. As I hoped, it looks fine with and without tights as well as belted or loose. Tights already! Yes, but they're thin-ish. The sun popping in out out from behind the clouds, sudden downpours and a nippy breeze are not conducive to venturing out bare-legged.
The back detail is shown in typical Sophie style (neat bows looking untidy, sorry), but it's a point of interest nevertheless.
 I haven't worn this necklace in a while but it's one of my 'grown up' pieces, it just feels quite subtle and understated as opposed to bling. Pleasant to add a little colour to an outfit. In fact the whole look is more on the smart side than I often go for. Tidy and sensible, presentable. I must remember to pop this on again when I need to feel presentable at short notice.

Now where did I put my swag bag?

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