Visiting Gooderstone water gardens

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

As a long overdue treat a couple of weeks ago we finally go round to visiting Gooderstone water gardens in mid Norfolk. I don't want to waffle on too much, more just leave you with a few pictures that I like. The day itself was one of those where the dark clouds keep rolling over and causing abrupt downpours yet the sun keeps fighting back to shine through.

The gardens were still yielding a high colour - contrary to ours at home! I need to plant more which lasts through September. In the sunshine the dragonflies and damselflies came out to play

Along with 6 acres of gardens, ponds, 13 bridges and wonder there is also an 8 acre nature trail. We headed to the kingfisher hide, crept in and (sadly) there was a gentleman already in situ so even despite our best efforts to keep quiet we did cause a little disturbance. Sitting on the bench looking out at the peaceful view in the perfect natural silence was a little too relaxing and I had to leave after approximately 10 minutes to avoid falling into a snoring slumber.

I really enjoyed my visit because I thoroughly enjoy a gentle stroll around beautiful gardens. There are plenty of benches to sit and take in the surroundings as well as the tearoom to refresh yourself too. This is somewhere I would love to revisit in spring and early summer to see how the gardens evolve and change through the seasons. It was so tranquil and full of inspiration, we must return. For all the visiting information you need take a look at the Gooderstone water gardens website. This is not a collaborative post, just a lovely day out I wanted to share.
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