Drive by shooting (with a camera)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Living in Norfolk we are fortunate enough to be in the midst of such wonderful countryside. The landscape always has something on the horizon. You might imagine that the walking is infinite but it's not always the case. Often there are no footpaths going anywhere which can be infuriating when you see such intriguing places.
There is one feature of the landscape that we really do properly and that's the country lane. We have miles and miles of teeny little winding lanes which lead through the county in a labyrinth. Some of them have a comical strip of tuft up the middle just to emphasise how unused they are. Often there's nowhere at all to pull over, let alone park so on the odd occasion I pop the window down and take a few snaps from the passenger seat. This only works if you're on good terms with the driver.
On this particular lane there was a delightful stretch of wildflowers in bloom. We had in fact driven by here a month or two beforehand on a casual jaunt but as can be the case, I'd forgotten where it was and how to get there. This time, armed with camera, C found it again and graciously allowed me to snap away for a minute. There was nothing behind to hold up!

Look at all these goodies stacking up higgledy piggledy over one another. I harbor suspicions that many of these have been 'planted' by scattering of seeds as opposed to naturally occurring. Maybe I'm wrong, but they seem rather too good to be true.

A little imagination is called for if you please. Above, we have the only shot of a bird which has caused us some headscratching lately. I know it's utterly useless in this shot, but with our eyes and backed up with the zoomed in camera shot, we were finally able to identify a mysterious bird that C saw on a previous occasion and we couldn't find in my bird book. We believe it to be a hen harrier! Interesting.
Skies are turbulent and tempestuous lately.
Take care,

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