When inspiration strikes

Friday, September 29, 2017

A few years ago I decided that my blog was becoming too rigid, too much of it's own entity and not enough of mine so I vowed to share more of my photographs just because. I shouldn't need to justify any output or give supporting evidence. A real hobby is to capture the countryside through my lens and there need not always be an explanation. I'm glad that I did, for it's made me smile, given me something to focus on and kept this place alive for me.
There are times when inspiration strikes when I find myself typing and typing only to read back through and strangely almost don't recognise my own thoughts. It's quite intriguing. For the days that the words don't unveil themselves there are pictures. Days when things seem to fall apart can be mitigated by finding something to pick me up; a fragrant flower, a rainbow reflection from a glass, sunshine on dewy grass, a butterfly lingering on blooms.

Two flying beauties. The masterpiece above is not one I've ever been able to take a photograph of before. Below, I didn't get much of a shot of this one.

Take care, embrace all the possibilities and see the magic.

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