A bird in hand

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A bird in hand is worth two in a bush. But if you happen to spot two in a very tall tree what do they equate to? In my new mindset of observationist-extraordinaire I've kept my eyes peeled to spy all that I possibly can. The next step will be finally bringing myself to use the telephoto lens 75-300mm that I used to snap with, oh so long ago. It's been a sore point because my current camera set up works perfectly for my stubborn nature, matchstick weak arms and style of photographs I like to take. In case you're womdering its a Sony A38 camera which is smaller than most SLRs and a 50mm lens (it's prime which doesn't zoom in or out). All focus adjustment is manual and my preference is to keep it in Apeture mode to meddle with how blurry the background is (that's how I like to thin of it). My mind struggled with the maths and science of how cameras work so now my method is established I like to stick with it. The main issue is ALWAYS light as if it's too bright then it's wrong and if it's too dark it's ever wrong-er. Keeping the shutter speed above 1/400 is almost essential but juggling and compromise is the norm. My thoughts have rambled off at a tangent but my main advice is to take wisdom from a photography pro at all times; I really ought to brush up but as my stubborn streak refuses to try using my camera in different ways there is a strong possibility that nothing will ever change. However, I do like some of the pictures I take (quite a lot really if we tot them up so it's not a bad thing)  .

Above and below: if you squint carefully there's a woodpecker.

The catkins are at their prime at the moment; swaying in the breeze and sparkling sunshine.

Take care,

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