In for a penny

Monday, February 19, 2018

Good morning everyone and welcome to a brand new week. Much as it's sad to part company with the freedom of the weekend it's an opportunity to start with a clean slate for another round. Our weekend was spent in a few places, none of which felt too pressing and again we managed to catch up on plenty of Winter Olympics action. The sunshine was such a luxury for the first time in forever.
On Sunday I wore this tartan dress I bought from Kezzie before Christmas, a tartan shift was too 'me' to pass up.

It occurred to me that the colours were far more punchy up close than at a distance and if you're going to go bold then do it properly so I slipped my turquoise polo neck top underneath. In for a penny, in for a pound! I rather like the look. The dress itself is thankfully a comfortable fit and the material hangs in a flattering manner - none of that static-induced riding up that so many do these days. Pockety goodness if only for small hands, but to be appreciated nevertheless.

Ruffles and fussy features are usually something I shy away from but I can just about cope with these. Short dresses are a winter staple; it would have to be a hellishly boggy day to drag this hem through the mud.
I have oodles of pictures to share with you this week (and next) which is propelling me into the week with marginally more enthusiasm than usual.
Have you got a spring in your step?
Take care,

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