Belt and braces

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

To avoid disappointment I must disclose I'm neither wearing belt nor braces; however I am chasing an all encompassing addressing of the winter chill. Vest, thick layers, super long jumper,. meaty jeans, hat, gloves scarf and proper coat.
I'm embracing woolly hats, not least because they keep my head warm but my re-kindled love for eyeliner has prompted a bout of self confidence or just lack of caring (either way enlightening).

This shearling lined coat from Lighthouse Clothing has been saving me from the brunt of the cold all winter long.
I have no idea where jumper dresses went - weren't they great. A jumper that enveloped so much more than your top half, genius! I'm welcoming back bootcut jeans into my wardrobe; in fact, truth be told, I'm welcoming anything that fits, especially if it's remotely flattering. Except capris.

Do you have any secrets for staying warm this winter?
Take care,

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