Finally finding the kestrel

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Slightly misleading post title today, as should I have named it more accurately  "I finally managed to take a photograph of one of the many kestrels I frequently see when I'm unable to capture an image". Less catchy and compact.
The kestrels round our way must be having a good few years as we often see them perched in a favoured spot or hunting. One of the reasons I am drawn to them with affection is that they are easily identifiable by their hovering hunting style. The male and female are slightly different in colouration with the male having a greyer head and generally being smaller so it's handy if you have two side-by-side.

It was an incredibly still morning with blue skies and birdsong. The warmth of the sunshine tricked me into believing that spring had reached us for a few hours at least.
Dainty pale primroses flowered modestly in the mossy grass.
I can only suppose these are not good for birds if they are still present in such abundance after the long winter.

A partridge! Red-legged I think.
Below: we saw two separate scenes of pheasants having a scuffle. I wished we were be to stop and watch as they are so serious about their amusing fights.
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