Viburnum and the rest

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

There is one stunner of a winter-flowerer; the viburnum bodnantense. I believe this to be just one of these. The gorgeous pink flowers and scent is so unexpected and mind-blowing at such a meagre and sparse time of year. Each time I see one I feel a sense of elation! We have planted one in our garden and although only one foot tall at the moment it will have all the potential of growing into something special in years to come.

Speedwell of some kind! these teeny tiny flowers are delicate and beautiful.

Birds of prey to be seen.
Winter Heliotrope, has been in flower for weeks. It may be an invasive pest but is excitingly one of a scarce number of anything in flower over these dreary months. The bees like it.

Above, ooop, primroses are looking jolly too. Below;  seed pod I cannot recognise.

Lesser celandine! The first flowers are blooming! These riverbank sunbeams are starting up again and are most welcome. Below, hedgerow leaves are going to be unfurling soon.

Copious Dog's Mercury!

Feathers and a gammy old fungus.
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