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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bonjour! I discovered this morning that I have surpassed 1000 published posts here - isn't that astonishing? Not really; not when you consider I like to have a post published on every working day of the year (in a totally non-compulsive manner you understand) just for the neat regularity of it all.
In fact this should be 1013. There were of course several hundred of the first few years' worth that got binned after they didn't make me happy in the least. It felt refreshing to wipe the slate a little cleaner and build back up from there. So here we sit, at 1013 and enjoying the view. Often when I publish a post and scroll to the end it will suggest others to read that I had completely forgotten about and I take a little read myself.
It's been a funny few years, with plenty to talk about; there is something so alluring about writing. My fingers start typing, albeit in a faffy unprofessional manner as I've never mastered touch typing, and before I can believe it there's a whole episode in it's own right.
Logically I ought to talk a little about this outfit. Was it a windy day? Oh just a brief hurricane I guess. My hair went everywhere and knitted itself into a teatowel size blanket.
I haven't worn this punchy pink coat all winter, it's only drawback is that there is no loop to hang it up properly so it has a habit of collapsing in a heap on the floor without warning.
Fingerless gloves are my new thing on the chilly but not bras monkey days as I can keep hands and wrists much warmer but still retain use of fingers for using my camera. Back in my schooldays I wore them so often but haven't made use of them for years. I found this pair in one of those places you keep hats/gloves/scarves stuffed away only to rediscover them and give them a rejuvenating wash and wear in the winter. I've no recollection of buying them.

Miniskirts, thermal tights and ankle boots rule winter forEVER.
I'm feeling pretty good about the blog at the moment, can you tell?
Take care,

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