A brand new week in winter

Monday, February 12, 2018

Hello one and all, welcome to a brand new week! It's unusual for me to be excited on a Monday morning but knowing I have so many posts to share over the coming few weeks has stoked my enthusiasm for setting foot into the business end of the week. The weekend just panned out in both a relaxing and fulfilling manner; the start of the Winter Olympics has heralded a new wave of television watching which although is something we're not often caught doing is a staple for important sporting events. Although I can't say that curling does anything for me at all, pretty much everything else is  well worth watching.
Saturday dawned on the extremely cold side, which prompted a wander out to one of our boggy haunts to capitalise on the frozen ground. The premise of arctic temperatures ensured our walk was quiet - we only met 3 other people while out and left a beautifully empty backdrop for a sneaky couple of outfit pictures too (thankfully no windchill meant I didn't freeze without my coat).

Frozen mud, a winter 'highlight'. It makes squelchy patches passable for a time but risks delicate ankles if you should miss a footing.
This poor egret made bad choices of where to fly to; only landing round the corner thus ensuring a further disturbance as we caught up once more.
Teeny birds singing in the tree tops.
Below: Frozen new growth

Slightly grubby snowdrops but I will love them all the more for this. Stoic in the face of ghastly winter conditions!

Something dared to flower! Is it a wallflower of some nature?
Frozen floods... Icy aconites.

Little white egret centre stage.
Have a wonderful week, won't you?
Take care,

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