February dawns

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Last night's super blue blood moon was bright and bold but honestly I couldn't have told you it was any different from a regular full moon. It wasn't a disappointment as such (we come to expect things to fall flat in the UK when it comes to celestial sights) but to have seen the curdling red glow would have been amazing.
Thank goodness January is over; what a miserable month of dark, cold, dreadful new lifestyle changes et al. I booked a table online for somewhere that looked nice for a valentine's day meal only for C to discover it's nowhere near us - my error. A slight faux pas. It would have been awful to turn up at the place I thought I'd booked only to find out they knew nothing about it and certainly didn't have the exciting menu, if they serve food at all. Better to have discovered it now!
Having arrived home late yesterday and feeling too tired to sort out any blog pictures from the abyss of storage I didn't know if I would summon the words to put together a post today but the sight of some spring bulbs just peeking up from the pots that have stood patiently in situ since November has prompted some motivation. Cleverly, I didn't label what each holds so I shall have to wait and see. Most have tulips (yet to be seen) but with some kind of iris or narcissus on top.I'm sure when I looked at the weekend there was still nothing but this morning I can count ten shoots. That's brilliant.
As usual, there's plenty I want to get blogged here but they're longer than just a picture and a paragraph which takes more of a concerted effort (I shy away from longer posts as I take too long to finish them properly and risk not posting for days which annoys me terribly).
I can't wait for flowers! Bring on the colours and scents of spring.
Take care,

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