Exceeding jumper expectations

Friday, February 16, 2018

You know when an old jumper exceeds all life expectations and keeps going on and on? This charity shop find dates back a few years and despite the Primark tag it's of the longlife ilk which merrily goes through the wash and dry process without fuss and looks the same now as when I bought it for about £3. Although it does carry a couple of pulls I ought to tidy up for which I can take the blame for myself. Trust me; if I can possibly catch myself on a square of velcro, buckle or handbag clasp then I will, such a nuisance.
This skirt was an ASOS find with a voucher a while ago - one I tucked away (again) and finally got round to wearing  on this occasion with a grey tank to tone down my bold shirt and even brighter jumper. Looking at these pictures the skirt reminds me of some kind of tool belt in which to keep bits and bobs - these pockets have scope for such a sizeable load (maybe even my 'pocket size' nature reference books).
The pretty necklace was a lovely gift from Hazel a good while ago and doesn't get worn enough, something I must rectify.

Hat and boots as winter standard. The ground is soggy and squelchy as anything at the moment. Grim!

Take care,

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