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Monday, February 26, 2018

Good morning and high five for making it this far into a Monday. Wasn't it the coldest weekend so far this winter? The sunshine has made all my pictures look like we are bursting into spring but imaginary icicles tinkle all around like silent wind chimes, an imperceptible tolling.
On to today's post which is an outfit from Saturday when I felt buoyed up after an excellent rendez-vous with the scales, combined with finally locating this aztec knit skirt which had somehow managed to remain in that sweet spot in my wardrobe that is just too far back on the shelf to reach and even to see if I pace back. I had in mind a burned orange long sleeved top but I would have need a mammoth jumper over the top to keep me warm enough so that combination will have to wait for a warmer day. The recently worn burgundy jumper seemed a more sensible option and being a thick non-bulky material it permitted the cosy padded denim jacket to cover it without me feeling too constricted.
This jacket was a great ebay buy from yonks ago which has served me well over the years. Not only does it keep me snug with it's flattering padding and faux furry cuffs and collar it also survives a wash cycle perfectly well - certainly most jackets will never be the same again.

I've got a laugh on, there were a couple of honking geese flying by and it was probably funny. Maybe I thought the surprise of them would make me leap into the river by accident and the relief of having stayed put was laughed out. I don't know.
Remember I vowed to get these boots re-soled? I haven't. Oopsie. My fear is that the inside lining is getting too worn for them to last either way which is infuriating as there is nothing like a pair of comfy worn-in boots. I can't face the though of attempting to replace them.
I ought to mention the belt. I'm wearing a belt for no good reason other than I've bravely tucked my jumper in and the skirt doesn't have a fancy waist so to neaten things up a bit I popped this old leather one on to keep things presentable. In fact this look is my favourite all winter; I felt really happy wearing it and certainly wouldn't have felt in-shape enough to try back in November so I'm taking advantage of my newly established comfort. Plus I look so much taller here than usual.

Heck there were a lot of pictures I like but this will make up for the days I feel like poop and muddle through on a couple. Lets toast to a new week!
Take care (it's going to be a cold one!)

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