Abyss of doom

Thursday, February 15, 2018

What more can I say about the season? It's so cold and miserable with no sign of conditions abating for any meaningful length of time. They say that January lasts forever and February flies by but the general feel of winter is an abyss of doom into which I plummet headfirst after new year and have to claw my way out of at some point in March - or April if it's a slow start. The signals of change are all there but they don't mean much when it's so freezing your fingertips have numbed so thoroughly they may well have snapped off in your gloves only to be discovered once home. Willows have their cute furry little buds. I cut a few for a vase; lo and behold they are developing teeny roots so we could plant them in our allotment hedge for our very own salix over the coming years. Isn't nature miraculous? It never fails to surprise.

A chance drive through the lanes almost a fortnight ago proved to be enchanting with a sighting of a sparrowhawk, I've not knowingly spotted one before. It would have been in this shot above had I been quicker off the mark with the camera.
Below, we pulled off the road to observe these sika deer grazing on the crop.

When will real change surface?

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