Merry Berry

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Quite mortifyingly I discovered this jumper at the back of my wardrobe and couldn't remember  a thing about it. Presumably, it was bought and squirrelled away for safekeeping only to remain out of reach and thus undiscovered for months until the day came when I finally reached up -and back- fr enough for the tips of my fingers to dislodge a folded parcel of knitwear from it's seat of sanctuary.
Both the colour, knit style and shape are all ideal, no wonder I bought it. As one of the few jumpers that isn't oversized it can be worn in a way which doesn't add bulk to my frame. It even tucks in under my skirt, fancy that! A berry shade is always welcome at this time of year.

Sub zero temperatures? No fear. Brave it out. After all, I have plenty of layers on to keep warm. This skirt is lined, thick and blessed with pockets. I can even maintain a decent stride length while sporting it. Mustn't grumble.

Take care of yourself,

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