Wander on a winter's day

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Saturday afternoon proved to be one miserable affair. We decided to head out regardless.
It precipitated an almost imperceptible drizzle almost all the time we were out which made for a lacklustre environment but nevertheless, we ploughed on. In my head, a particularly good spot for hare sightings sprung to mind as a prime candidate for a walk that bleak day. In fairness, it was quiet, mostly not flooded (a few large puddles and gloopy mud patches were tricky to negotiate albeit but not impassable) and we did achieve some blissful sightings.

Raindrops clinging to branches. It never rained but the thick, wet air ensured nothing dried that day.

Oh, pretty snowdrops. I presume them to be everywhere at the moment and yet they're not! I seek in woodland and none? How confusing. Why are they not everywhere in pristine white glowing glory? I don't understand.

Hares. I love to see these beautiful beasts. Even in our usual quiet spots they are never seen. You have to head really off the beaten path to catch a glimpse. Is it ok to feel such an upturn in heartbeat over seeing a few of these long eared hop-along beauties? 
Pine cones and water droplets.

Seed heads and leftover rosehips.

This landscape is not one I readily relate to as Norfolk, but I assure you it is. The real deal.
Take care,

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