A little bird told me

Friday, January 17, 2020

A day when the light was good enough to use my zoom lens! I would love to take more pictures of the birds we see and this is only a practicality with a zoom as our feathered friends tend to feel shy at staying put as we approach. I go through spells of despair when taking photographs; sometimes nothing feels right, or interesting or I just cannot get the focus or shutter speed to co-operate. SO often the view from the viewfinder looks utterly mundane when to the naked eye the landscape pops with interest. Struggles aside, I feel compelled to persist with trying! The number of times I look back through old posts and enjoy long forgotten sights makes it worthwhile.
In winter we get to see all the nests that are covertly built in spring.
Velvety moss covered boughs, a luxury spec tree?

Lichens softening spiky branches.
This ancient looking tree (or trees - it's hard to tell) reminds me of Lincoln's feet when he sleeps and all four are woven together.
I need to re-acquaint myself with the difference between blue tits and great tits.
C spotted this bird hard at work and I was please to capture it in a few shots. Looking it up in the book the next day we discovered it was a nuthatch. See it flinging debris from the tree!

I didn't used to care for birds but I quite like these little guys. And birds of prey. And everything that enters our garden. This year we want to take part in the garden bird watch although hopefully the pigeons won't hog the show. The wretches keep pooping in the bird baths and drinking water.

Yellow brain fungus again, the largest clumps of it spotted yet!

Tree ridden with fungi!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend,

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