Death becomes you

Friday, January 10, 2020

I pencilled in today's post for sharing my resolutions but as yet I haven't felt the urge to decide on any, not for sure. While many people either aim too high or don't feel like aiming at all, I really do like new years resolutions and feel like over the years I've stuck to many which in turn has made me feel better. As for today though, nothing penned in so my fallback plan is the set of glorious images of rather enchanting dead leaves and seeds. There's something so me about this collection! Which other blog are you going to find such matter?

This week has been an absolute stinker from which I cannot wait to close the page and make another chapter next week. There are still copious things to venture on to in January and I have every hope that next week will have to be a better one.
The weekend's plan should include a bit of time out and about, you know the drill. Get some fresh air, stretch those legs and empty the mind. All of the above but with a few snaps here and there.

Take good care,

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