Mustard or custard

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Last year I bought this bold yellow jumper dress which I think got one or two wears before the season turned. It's super warm which means I only dare wear it for outdoor trips or for a short while. I don't know what would happen if I spent an evening at the pub in it, I'd probably have to take frequent breaks outside or flap. A victim of it's own snuggly success.
Are we calling it mustard or custard or maybe even banana?
Nope, the boots still aren't fixed but I've decided not to as the insides seem so far gone that they would need a complete inside and out works. They will just be used sparingly until they fall apart completely.
Faithful jacket has been worn hundreds of times (and probably on this blog too). Still in the same condition I bought it in!
Virtually everywhere is bleak and empty at the moment so backdrops are distinctly lacking anything of interest.

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